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Therapy can be a helpful support tool following diagnosis in order to work through any difficulties that may arise in understanding and/or accepting the diagnosis, or in managing symptoms and related difficulties. The approach and type of therapy are targeted to the specific issue and to you as an individual. I use CBT, ACT, and behavioural approaches.


Therapy for adult ADHD with a Clinical Psychologist can provide support across a wide scope of areas. Some of the things people may seek help with include: 

1) Understanding and making sense of their diagnosis, including how their historic perceptions of themselves relate to their symptoms and seeing themselves in a new, more informed and understanding way. 

2) Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy targeted to improve executive functioning (for example, learning skills to help with time management and improving organization). 

3) Support with secondary issues caused by ADHD-related behaviours and symptoms. These can include relationship impacts, mood and anxiety, stress, eating difficulties and many others. This can also include discussions and support regarding optimizing medication use and self-advocacy where appropriate. 

4) Values-based work can support restructuring your life and help guide the decisions you make in the context of what works best for you as an individual with ADHD. This can also help with deciding whether you need to change, or aspects of your life or environments can change to better accommodate you. 

5) Specific problem solving and solution focused discussions and accountability to help maintain momentum in areas of difficulty. 


My fee is $230.00 (GST inclusive) per 50-minute session. More information can be found about cost and payment in the FAQ section.


You may be eligible for funding to assist with the costs of counselling/therapy directly related to a diagnosed disability. You can find out more about whether you may be eligible, and what you may be entitled to here: 

You will need your GP and your chosen therapist/counsellor (as detailed on the website above) to complete the following forms to submit to WINZ:

If you wish to use this funding option, please let me know and/or email the form to me prior to your appointment so I can discuss this with you and complete it.


Please see my current availability for this service please check my BOOKING page

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