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The effect of broad-spectrum multinutrients on ADHD symptoms has been studied and found to be helpful for some people. I can provide consultations about this option, although provision of micronutrient supplements also requires liaison with your GP regarding any prescribed medications you may be taking.


More information about research regarding supplements and mental health can be found in the book "The Better Brain: How Nutrition Will Help You Overcome Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and Stress". By Julia Rucklidge, PhD, and Bonnie Kaplan, PhD. 

Further information about research trials regarding the efficacy of micronutrient supplements for ADHD (in children and adults) can be found on the Hardy Nutritionals website


My fee is $230.00 (GST inclusive) per 50-minute session. More information can be found about cost and payment in the FAQ section. 


Please see my current availability for this service please check my BOOKING page

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