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This recording uses a guided visualization process to help when feelings of anger or resentment about the past is intruding on your current life and mood. 


You will receive a zipped file containing TWO audio recordings. One has a background audio soundtrack, the other is only the scripted audio with no background. Some people prefer background sound to maintain engagement, and others find it too distracting. You get both so you have both options to try.


CAVEAT - If you have trauma or abuse memories - please do not use this recording on your own to address those feelings. You are likely to need additional support and preparation for memories of people or events which are traumatic, or for which you may be experiencing post-traumatic symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, or panic and anxiety.


Information about the audio:

  • The meditation attached covers visualization of 3 people; 1) someone who has hurt you, 2) someone you have hurt, and 3) yourself.  
  • You can listen to this as often as you need to help with where emotions about past people or situations are impacting your current emotional coping and relationships. 
  • You can repeat for different people, or with different memories or situations in mind, for yourself and others.
  • The goal is not to appease OTHERS - this is an internal process for YOU. There is no expectation that you make contact or specifically discuss events with others, but merely that this process allows those things to have less emotional impact on you.
  • Although the recording asks you to state forgiveness - this is more an expression of a choice to let go of your emotional burden around the person/event rather than an expectation that you forget the event, or let the person continue to treat you in that manner.
  • You can forgive someone, AND still choose not to have them in your life.

Compassion Meditation

  • The script utilised in the recording is from this book:

    McKay, M., & Fanning, P. (2016). Self-esteem: a proven program of cognitive techniques for assessing, improving, & maintaining your self-esteem. Fourth edition. Oakland, CA, New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

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